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How to market to women in BALTIMORE online

A guide to marketing to women online, with help from BALTIRIA.com editor Emily Zaleski.

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Do you think men should wear shorts?


Then you\’re not a man.

Do I make a big deal out of that?

You are a woman and I am a man, and I have to wear pants because of my gender.


Do women really need to look sexy in their underwear?

Well, then yes.

I\’m sorry.

But I wouldnt wear a skirt or anything that would draw attention to my legs.

It is not my thing.

But yes, it is a thing that I do. 4/ #5.

Do men really need a t-shirt?


I know I\’ll never wear one myself, but it might be cool for you.

It would be super hot for you, and that\’s how I like it. 5/ #6.

What about shirts and dresses?

You can wear them to parties, but you need some fashion accessories.

BEDBOY/Getty 6/ #7.

Do people really need bras?

Yes, but they have to be comfortable.

If you\’ve got a flat stomach, it might not be the best idea.

7/ #8.

Do they really need shoes?

I would recommend men\’ shoes because they will fit better and they\’re nicer to wear.

You can also wear heels if you\’ll like.

8/ #9.

Do kids really need sneakers?

Yes they do, but not like I think.

You will still have to get up for them and you will wear them at night.

9/ #10.

Are men really just looking for women to talk to?

No, I don\’t think so.

I think that if you are looking for a man to talk about anything, then you are not looking for him.

You are looking to talk with a man who will be receptive to your message and understand it. 10/ #1.

What is the secret to a successful online marketing strategy?

A lot of times, when people talk about online marketing it comes down to how well you have mastered your target audience.

So how much do you know about them, how good is your understanding of them, and how well do you understand the people they want to reach?

How well do your marketing ideas work together?

I think you need at least two things in order to succeed.

First, you need a strategy