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Korean market online offers free 2-year membership for new members

Korean-focused online marketplace offers free two-year subscription to its members.

The site, which has more than 1.3 million members, has launched an “online shopping paradise,” which offers “free two-years” of shopping.

The deal is for two years.

There are other discounts available for memberships that cost more than one year.

It’s unclear if other discounts are also available.

The new membership will also offer the ability to “lock in your online shopping experience.”

The website also said it will offer a discount of 10% for new customers.

“You’ll get the most important features, like your credit score, instant notifications on your shopping trip and automatic shopping for new products,” the site said. 

Korean-focused website offers free trial membership for online shoppers The Korean-based website said that the new trial offer is for “membership and access” and will last until October 31, 2019.

It is not yet clear if the new membership includes the ability for members to “save” items or not.

The website has been operating since December 2016 and has more users than the likes of Ebay and Amazon. 

 Korea’s online shopping market, which is dominated by the country’s domestic e-commerce market, is also the countrys largest online retailer. 

There are at least 30,000 domestic online retailers in Korea and nearly 70,000 foreign online retailers, according to data from the Korea Association of Trade Unions. In April, Koreas top-ranking retail portal Jamsil opened its first overseas office in London.

It has a global workforce of around 150,000 and sells more than 20,000 products.