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A new online meat market in Brazil says it’s ‘the biggest’ in the world

A new meat market called The Meat Market of Brazil, located in the Amazon jungle, says it is the biggest online meat marketplace in the country.

The company, based in the state of Paraiba, says in its official blog that it has over 1,000,000 customers, with 70% of those people buying products online.

According to the company, more than 70% are from Brazil and other South American countries, and 80% are Brazilian.

The company says its main customers are Brazilian expats who have lived in Brazil for years and are looking for a better option for their meat, eggs, meat and seafood.

The meat market was founded by an Amazonian, Francisco Pascu, and he said it is not the only online meat company.

Pascutto, the president of The Meat Markets of Brazil said it has more than 100 restaurants and 50,000 employees.

He added that the business model is to serve as a conduit for the Amazon’s farmers, and also to offer them new products.

The Meat Market also offers products for sale to expatriates and expatriate companies.

The Brazilian government says there are only about 100,000 meat-eating households in Brazil, with the rest of the population living in urban centers, in the countryside, or on the outskirts.