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Google’s Moz’s Google+ acquisition gives it the edge

A deal between Google and a tech giant is giving the company an edge in online marketing, as it looks to boost its online presence with a new online marketing platform.

Moz announced Wednesday that it has acquired the company, and it will focus on building an online marketing tool that helps brands increase their online presence in a growing marketplace.

Mixed messages from GoogleMoz’s new product will help brands boost their online sales and increase brand awareness, the company said.

The company will work with companies like Google, Pinterest, Amazon and others to help brands find the right online marketing tools and best practices.

The company is adding Moz to its core offering of tools and services to help companies better understand their online audience and promote their content to their potential audience.

The new Moz product will be free for customers who have paid for Moz’s subscription service for a year.

The Moz product was announced as part of a $3.8 billion acquisition that also includes the $1.9 billion acquisition of Google Search, a $1 billion acquisition by Yahoo, a larger deal with Amazon and the acquisition of YouTube.

Mz is a leader in the digital advertising market, but has struggled to compete with other companies.

A few years ago, it was acquired by a private equity firm and was shuttered in the summer of 2017.

Its online ads unit, Moz Ads, was shut down in early 2017, too.

Muz also is not a Google competitor.

Its competitors include Shopify, WordPress and a few others.

The search giant has invested in Moz’s digital ads unit and is looking to grow its online advertising business, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Maz and Moz will be working together to improve the product’s ease of use and ease of development, Moz CEO Chris Pramas said in a statement.

The acquisition is the second major acquisition in the space for Moz, which is valued at $2.5 billion.

It is part of Google’s $12 billion acquisition spree, which includes the purchase of search giant Google, which it then turned into a standalone company, in 2019.

Google is investing in a slew of other companies, including YouTube and Tumblr.