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Why NFL’s NFL Draft is worth the wait

It’s been more than a month since the NFL announced its 2017 first-round draft, and the league has yet to officially announce the team it will select as its starting quarterback.

That’s not to say there’s any reason to think the Texans won’t select a quarterback in the first round, or that the Chargers didn’t draft one.

The Texans selected QB Deshaun Watson, who is currently playing for Clemson.

The team’s picks in the draft have been pretty similar over the last couple of years, with the first overall pick getting an athletic quarterback with the same name.

The difference is, in 2016, the Texans had the fifth overall pick, and that pick ended up being Johnny Manziel, who ended up as the highest-paid quarterback in NFL history at $17.5 million.

That was before he went to the Browns, and then to the Raiders, where he ended up with $10.3 million.

The quarterback position in the NFL has shifted so much in the last few years, though, that the Texans should be able to pick up some value on Watson.

He’s the type of quarterback the Texans are looking for, and they’ve been linked to the likes of Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker, who has a $16 million cap hit.

Watson would provide a bit of stability for Houston’s offense.

He’d also be the first player in NFL franchise history to play his entire career at the position, something the Texans have done in the past.

Watson has been a Pro Bowler in each of the past three years, and he led the NFL in completions and touchdown passes in each season.

With that, the next question is whether the Texans will select a defensive end, as they did last year, or a linebacker, as the Chargers did last season.

The answer is a bit more complicated than that, though.

The Chargers selected linebacker Melvin Ingram last year in the third round, which was later cut to the third overall pick in the second round.

Ingram had a career year in 2016 as a starter, starting every game in four seasons, with 6.5 sacks.

He was selected in the sixth round, and while the Chargers were willing to take on the risk of taking on a fifth-round pick, they were not willing to risk taking on Ingram in the seventh round, as he’s listed as the third-highest paid defensive end in the league, at $19.8 million.

In a trade, Ingram would be moved to New England, where the Patriots selected cornerback Logan Ryan in the fifth round, where it was later moved to the seventh overall pick.

The Bills traded up to grab Ryan in 2017, and Ryan would be the third player to start every game for the Patriots in each year since 2014.

If the Texans select a linebacker this year, they’ll be getting a quality linebacker in Houston, who was named the AFC Defensive Player of the Year last year.

They’re also getting an elite cornerback, with Houston taking in former Arizona Cardinals cornerback Marcus Peters in the fourth round of the draft.

He’ll be a good fit for Houston, and will give the Texans a quality pass rush.

The only problem for the Texans is that they’ll have to replace Watson, as most teams will look to make a trade in the next couple of days.

The rest of the team will have to wait a bit longer.