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The top 10 jobs for aspiring marketers

Headhunters and marketing consultants have been among the top jobs for online marketers in the past year, according to a survey by job search site Glassdoor.

The survey, which examined 500 jobs posted online in the US, showed that online sales force executives (SCEs) have posted the most online jobs in recent months.

Glassdoor found that the SCEs in its database had posted 1,834 jobs on the job search platform over the past three months, which equated to a growth of 2.8% compared to the same period last year.SCE employees are typically paid $30 per hour, or about $1,400 per year, and are required to complete a two-year contract with the company, according the Glassdoor survey.

The jobs posted on Glassdoor are mostly in the digital marketing, sales, and marketing services categories.

The top jobs on Glasshouse are for senior management roles, including senior leadership positions in marketing, senior executive positions, and other senior leadership roles.

Glassdoor’s survey was conducted from August 10 to August 12.