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The first-ever online video game sold to the Italian market: “Echo of the Future” – The Official Video Game News24

A new online game, “Evo” by Italian developer “Glu Mobile” will be sold to Italian customers, a new report by the gaming publication “Gameinformer” has claimed.

The game, which is called “Echoes of the future”, is set in the near future and players can control the human voice and move through different worlds using an on-screen keyboard, as well as the ability to interact with other players.

The report claims the game will be released on June 21 in the European Union.

The game is set to launch in Italy on June 19.

The first game to be released in Italy is the French-Italian title “Espresso”, which is set for release in August.

“Eso” was previously released in 2015 in Germany.

Italian developer Glu Mobile, whose games include “Eve of the Year” and “Evol” are currently building the game.

The company is known for creating the “Gullwings” game, released in 2012, which was developed for Nintendo’s Wii.