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Online marketers can sell their products without having to go to the real world

Italian marketeers are working on an online marketer-less way to sell their wares without going to the actual market. 

Instead, they will create a virtual market where customers can buy goods and services on their smartphones without going through an actual storefront. 

“This is a very innovative idea.

It is a step forward,” says Paolo Ciavolo, head of online marketing at online marketing company Wieden+Kennedy. 

It’s called Negocio and will be rolled out on a trial basis starting next year. 

Negocios have long been a staple in Italian marketing, with more than a million in sales in 2015.

But for years, they’ve lacked the social media infrastructure that would allow them to reach customers in the real-world. 

Ciavolos new idea is different because it will require customers to actually visit the website. 

There, they’ll have to register for an account and register their phone number and e-mail address.

The site will then take their information and send it on to Negocio. 

For those who don’t have an account, negocios site will ask for the name of the company that is creating the product. 

A simple logo will also be needed on the site, to make it easier to spot products in a crowd. 

According to Negoco, Negocios customers will be able to sign up for a Negoccio account, which will then generate a unique identification number for each customer. 

The website will then send customers a monthly check for the price of the goods they want to purchase. 

But Negocos founders say the biggest benefit will be the ability to have a virtual shopping cart that will be easier to use than a physical one. 

As for the future, Negotiates will keep expanding Negocias services, but the most promising feature will be in the next year or so. 

In that year, Negocios is looking to launch its own digital advertising network. 

This will allow Negociatos customers to target advertising at specific audiences through digital ads on the website, rather than through traditional advertising channels. 

We already know how important digital ads can be for digital marketers, Ciovolo says. 

What’s more, we know that digital advertising is a good fit for online marketing. 

Now negocios will be looking to expand its service to other niches in which it has a strong presence, like e-commerce and travel. 

All in all, it’s an ambitious idea, and one that has the potential to revolutionize how marketers create and distribute products online. 

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