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Online beer market halts online beer sales

Halts online sales of beer and wine online.

The decision by the online marketer for online retail and distribution was made in April 2017, according to a statement released by the government of Morocco.

The Moroccan government also announced in January that it would stop the sale of beer in the country.

┬áThe online beer market is the first market to be banned under Morocco’s new law, which bans the sale, production and distribution of alcohol online.

It has been estimated that Moroccan consumers consume about 2.5 million liters of beer a day and about 1.3 million litters of wine a day.

In March 2017, the government banned the sale and sale of alcohol in supermarkets, bars, and restaurants, as well as alcohol products and beverages at cafes and other public places.

In addition, Morocco has announced a moratorium on alcohol sales at tourist attractions and in public places, including restaurants, cinemas, theatres, bars and clubs.