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Online marketing industry growing in Canada, but jobs still scarce

Online marketing is booming in Canada but many jobs remain scarce, according to an industry newsletter published Monday.

The International Council on Marketing (ICM) says there are nearly 1.2 million online marketing jobs in Canada.

“Our estimates indicate that online marketing is the most popular business sector in Canada and that this growth will continue to accelerate over the next three to five years,” said Mark DeSoto, president of ICM Canada.

DeSOTO said the industry is seeing job growth of about 10 per cent a year over the last three years, with the majority of jobs created in the internet marketing industry.

He says the industry continues to face challenges including a lack of skills training, a lack and a lack-of technology.

“We are seeing a lot of online marketing professionals looking to migrate their careers into other fields,” said DeSotos.

“In other words, they are looking for opportunities outside of their current industry to make money.”

ICM says the internet is a great place to launch and grow your business online.

DeCoto says the growth in the industry will continue over the coming years.