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India’s ‘Digital India’ to launch India Online Marketplaces as part of BHELP program

Digital India, a platform for online shopping and ecommerce, is set to launch on April 1, 2017, under the Bharat Hindustan University (BHU) Digital India initiative.

The portal is being launched in partnership with the India Digital Marketing Association (IDMA), a consortium of leading digital companies.

The initiative aims to boost online commerce in the country.

The launch of Digital India comes a day after the government announced the formation of a new government committee to oversee digital activities.

The new committee is expected to start its work by April 1.

The ministry said the aim is to create a digital ecosystem for the country and improve digital skills and competitiveness.

“Digital India is a key pillar of the Digital India agenda, which aims to accelerate the development of India’s digital economy and strengthen its leadership in the digital economy,” a statement from the government said.

The announcement comes a week after the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) said the ministry of information and broadcasting (MIM) was set to submit a plan for digital India.

“The government will also review the status of Digital Indian and will provide its recommendations to the PMO,” the statement said.

Digital India will be an integral part of the government’s Digital India strategy.

It aims to create and nurture a vibrant and competitive digital economy, strengthen digital competency among the Indian private sector and build a digital infrastructure to support digital services.

The scheme will provide financial incentives for businesses to start digital ventures.

The government is also expected to set up an IT department to oversee the Digital Government and Digital Economy.