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Why your business is losing money online: Manual marketing company’s online marketing service is no longer providing customers

A manual marketing company online market is no more and the company that was selling its service online in India was bought by another company, which is not listed online, a business analyst said.

A group of buyers came in on the sale of the company called Manage, which was in the process of closing its online market in India, said Manish Kumar, an analyst at M&M Marketing Consultants Pvt.


in Bengaluru.

Manage had not yet posted any profit on its online marketing business, he said.

The company had been selling the services through online marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon and Flipkontakte.

The sellers on the platform did not disclose their business, Kumar said.

He did not have a firm figure for the number of clients who had purchased the service through Manage.

The sales team of Manage was also selling the same online market for free to other companies, Kumar added.

The management team of the Manage company had told customers about the problems and promised to solve them, Kumar told The News Minute.

But the customers never saw any of the changes and Manage continued to be in business.

Manage has not been active in the market since last year, Kumar explained.

Managers of the two other Manage companies, the Digital Marketing Services (DMS) and Managers of Managers, did not respond to phone calls and emails seeking comment.

The two companies did not answer phone calls from The News Month.

The sales team had promised to share its findings with the customers and to share all the data collected in the course of its online business, said Kumar.

Managers did not give a date for the announcement.