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Is there a better way to track your social media use?

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What else is he talking about?

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Now Playing FBI investigates a New York police officer who choked a child, police say Now Playing Meet the new Nike+ Sport shoes Now Playing In the video above, you’ll find an interview with a woman who’s living a very normal life in India.

But as she walks down a busy street, her phone rings and it’s her neighbor.

It’s her husband, a taxi driver.

He tells her he’s going to pick her up.

“It’s not my wife, it’s my driver,” she says.

“I don’t know why you would call it a stranger call.”

She asks him why he’s calling her husband and he says, “You can call me my wife.

I just want you to call me.”

She says, I don’t have time to talk to you right now.

She hangs up and she walks away, saying, “Thank you.”

The video shows the taxi driver and his wife in India, chatting as they talk.

He says, he used to see me on the street.

I used to think it was a strange thing, but I’m glad I can see my wife every day.

The video then shows the cab driver and wife, sitting in the taxi and talking to the driver about what it’s like to drive for a living.

The taxi driver says, My wife is doing fine.

I can tell she’s enjoying herself.

She says the driver is a nice guy and I just don’t get the call from him all the time.

He gets a phone call.

He’s telling his wife that he has a friend in the United States who is going to take her to meet his friend.

“He’s going over to the house and he has to get a visa for her,” he says.

He asks her what is the visa?

She says he told her he was going to go to the United Kingdom and meet his cousin.

He has to leave India and go to London.

So she calls him back and says she’s going.

He comes back to her house, and they start talking.

They go over to a house and talk to the woman and they both say they have a friend who wants to come to India.

He goes over and asks the woman for her phone number.

The woman says, Yeah, I have one.

“And the taxi man says, Oh, I need a cab.

He walks over to where my wife is sitting in a taxi and asks her for her number.

She hands him the phone.

I have my passport,” she replies. “

Oh, I can’t get my license.

I have my passport,” she replies.

The cab driver asks the cabman, Oh I don ‘t know where your wife is.

The driver says I need to call my wife and ask her for the driver’s licence. The cabbie