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Trump says he will consider raising taxes on foreign buyers

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he would consider raising foreign buyers’ taxes if they were allowed to do so under current law.

“I’m not going to let them out of our country,” Trump told Fox News host Chris Wallace.

“We’re going to tax them.”

Trump’s remarks come a day after the White House issued a statement saying Trump would consider lowering taxes on international buyers, which are subject to a complex tax code that requires them to be subject to U.S. taxes.

The statement, released by White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, also said the administration would “continue to vigorously enforce the tax laws and ensure that any changes to the tax code for international investors are in compliance with U.N. Security Council Resolution 2087.”

The Trump administration has made no public comments on whether it will impose taxes on foreigners buying U.H.S.-made goods.

The administration has repeatedly said it would allow foreign investors to purchase U.L.L.-made products and services at a discounted rate if they paid U.B.C. sales taxes on those goods.

“There is no legal basis for imposing a tax on international investors in our country, including the foreign investors in the proposed proposed border wall,” Sanders said in the statement.

The White House has also said it plans to use “flexibility” to allow foreigners to buy U.M.A.-made furniture, cars and other U.U.

S-made goods if they pay a higher tax rate on those products.

The U.P.A. said Wednesday it had already begun to review the Trump administration’s proposal.

“The President will continue to advocate for U.O.M.-made U.K.-made and foreign-made UH-sourced goods,” spokesman Nick Bryant said in a statement.