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‘We’re in a bubble’: How some moms are spending their money online

Posted November 21, 2018 07:08:38When it comes to online marketing for families, moms are still the biggest spenders.

The numbers for 2018 are in: $30.4 billion, according to research firm Nielsen.

It’s a trend that continues to grow, according a recent report from the National Center for Public Policy Research, which surveyed 4,000 moms and their moms.

While it’s a relatively new trend, the number of mothers who are using their own resources to market themselves online has been growing in recent years.

The survey found that 73% of moms and dads use their own personal websites to promote their brands, and nearly 60% of women surveyed said they used some kind of online marketing agency to promote themselves.

“It’s not that they’re completely alone, they’re doing it for themselves, they don’t have a lot of other resources available,” said Emily Lohr, a partner at Newmark, who works with mothers in online marketing.

The women surveyed also said they spend a lot more time on social media than they did five years ago, and that their parents are now the main people who are reaching out to them for advice.

It seems moms are using social media more to reach out to their families and connect with friends and other people in the community.

The National Association of Business Women said in a report earlier this year that moms spend $3.8 billion on their businesses online, while their dads spend $2.5 billion on the same thing.

That’s more than twice as much as the moms.

“You have moms who are really good at it and really passionate about it,” said Debbie Cone, president and CEO of the association.

“But then you have dads who are just really busy with work and they’re just really looking for their family time.

They’re not spending their time doing it.”

It’s an expensive trend for mom-and-pop mom-run businesses.

Cone said the average mom- and dad-owned business in Canada costs between $50,000 and $100,000.

The Association of Canadian Small Businesses said in its latest report that Canadian moms spend an average of $24,500 on their own businesses each year.

For mom-to-be Melissa, it’s also a struggle.

“It’s really stressful to try to keep up with all the new social media, especially when we have family and friends who are online,” she said.

“You need to keep your eyes open, be mindful of what’s going on and really get to know your business owners.”

The mom-in-law, Melissa, says she has to make sure she’s doing things on time, even though it means spending time and energy researching how to get the most out of the website.

“I have to be really careful about how I spend my time and my time here,” she explained.

“There are times when I need to spend a little bit more time to really get the business up and running and make sure that the product or service is working properly and that my family is happy.”

It doesn’t hurt that Melissa is a business owner herself.

She started her own online marketing company a few years ago and now has three online marketing clients.

“My mom is an incredible businesswoman, and I think she has an incredible ability to connect with the audience and really bring them into her brand,” Melissa said.

When Melissa and her husband, Michael, first opened their website, they didn’t expect to be so popular with parents.

“We thought it would be a hobby, it would just be something for us,” Melissa recalled.

“We were like, ‘Oh, we’re going to do a website and then we’re just going to sell a lot and then maybe we’ll have some family members.’

But it’s become a real business, and it’s really successful.”

Moms have also become a major target for marketers.

The research firm found that of all the companies surveyed, moms’ average net worth is up 15.5% this year.

The average net-worth of moms is up 28% since 2016.

It also found that moms’ marketing spending has more than doubled since 2016, from $3,764 per mom to $8,721.

The research firm also said that moms are increasingly spending money on their personal brands, with the average brand-building expense per mom at $5,742.

Moms are also spending more time online.

According to the National Association for Business Women, moms spend about a third of their time online, compared to 20% for dads.

For Melissa, the online marketing and sales side of her business has been the hardest part.

“This year we were like $3 million in debt, and we’ve done a lot to try and figure out how to do it without a lot, if any, help,” she admitted.

“I really wish that we could’ve done it this year.”