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When Jio launches in India, a million more people will be able to shop online

India’s telecom operator Jio is set to launch an online marketplace where consumers can buy and sell their favourite brands online.

India’s telecom regulator said Thursday that over 100 million consumers will be eligible to buy and resell their favourite items online through the service.

The regulator said the online marketplace will be available for consumers to purchase from 10,000 retail outlets across the country.

The launch of the marketplace comes as India’s telecommunications regulator announced a major overhaul of its network.

The new network, known as T-4, is designed to be more reliable and resilient.

Jio will allow users to purchase and sell items online, said Amit Singhal, the agency’s head of product management and operations.

“We are building a more flexible network to enable consumers to make better choices online,” Singhal told a news conference.

In a separate development, Jio said it had launched an online shopping platform in collaboration with the Mumbai Stock Exchange.

Jio, which has over 100 billion users worldwide, said the platform will be launched next month and will be accessible to both Indian and foreign consumers.

The regulator said Jio will offer a wide range of products, including toys, games, apparel and jewellery, through the platform.

“There are a number of other products like fashion, accessories, food and cosmetics that are also available for Indian consumers to shop on the platform,” Singha said.

The company has not yet released a price on the service, but the regulator said it will be offered for $2.99 per month, which is higher than the current cost of $1.99.