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Why you should ditch Facebook ads now, and what you need to know

There’s a growing list of reasons you should abandon Facebook’s online advertising program, and the company has some big plans to address them.

For one, the company recently announced that it would be rolling out a new ad system called “The Next Web,” a brand new way for marketers to deliver personalized content.

As the name implies, the site is built on a brand-new model that lets users create personalized campaigns based on data from their Facebook account, as well as from their personal interests and interests groups.

The company claims that The Next Google will be a “new way to monetize your Facebook page.”

In a blog post, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company is building The Nextweb “as a new way to make advertising work for us and for you.”

But how does it work?

According to the blog post , “With The NextWeb, we are building a new advertising platform that allows us to build and manage campaigns that are tailored to our audiences, interests and activities.”

To help you get started, we’ve pulled together a list of the top 3 reasons why you should stop using Facebook ads, as listed below.


Facebook is ruining your business Advertisement Advertisers are spending more time on Facebook than any other social media platform, but it’s also costing you money.

Facebook ads can be very effective for your business, but they also tend to have a lower ROI than their competitors.

According to a 2015 survey by research firm Gartner, only 33 percent of online marketers had a “good” or “fair” experience with their ads on Facebook, and that number jumped to 62 percent in 2017.

Advertiser research firm IDC also found that online marketers spend an average of $1.8 billion a year on ads on their own websites, and an average $2.4 billion on ads in direct sales, with the biggest brands spending more than double that amount.

Facebook’s new ads model will probably cost you money, but at least it’s a good way to start thinking about what you’re paying for.


You’re not spending enough To get a sense of how much time and money it will cost you to switch to Facebook ads over a traditional ad platform, consider this.

The average cost per click for Facebook ads is currently $2 per click.

In 2016, Google spent $6.3 billion on ad buys, while Facebook was spending $5.4 per click on its own ads.

If you’re still on Facebook and don’t want to pay a premium, then consider moving to a smaller-marketing-focused ad platform like The Next.

That way you can get your ad spend down to $1 per click and keep your ads in front of the right people.


You need a bigger audience to use Facebook ads The “social network” isn’t a platform for just Facebook users.

Facebook can be used by anyone, and there are millions of people using the site.

If Facebook is your primary source of income, you may not be able to use the site to your advantage if you’re trying to grow your audience, but if you want to reach more people, then you’re better off getting Facebook ads.

The more people who see your ads, the more likely you are to get them to click on them, and even if your ads are niche-focused, you’re likely to get more traffic to your posts.

The biggest benefit of Facebook ads will be to help you build a larger audience, so if you’ve been using Facebook for a while, then the fact that it’s available for all your needs will be more important than ever.


You can’t rely on a simple ad network for your Facebook ads Now that you’re ready to switch, it’s time to think about how to build your business on Facebook.

The best way to do that is to get a social network that’s more than just a way to promote your business.

The following are some of the social networks you should start considering: Instagram: Instagram’s goal is to help people see more of their favorite brands and brands like them, while keeping them in the loop about new brands and products that are on their feeds.

The site offers brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Urban Outfitters, and Target as well.

While the service is free for Instagram users, it also offers “Sponsored Stories,” which allow brands to show their ads to people who have paid to be featured.

The sponsored stories aren’t paid, but Facebook’s algorithms determine which ones are paid, so it’s possible that some brands are actually being paid to promote their products through Sponsored Stories.

While there’s no official count of sponsored posts, the majority of Instagram users have been aware of the service for quite some time.

Instagram has also made it easier to monetise your content with the new “sponsored content” option that allows you to display ads and content to people based on who you’re following.

If that’s your niche, then Instagram is your best