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‘Italia’ Serie A title,Bologna,Juventus,Juve v Udinese,Juventin 2018

Italia: Bologna vs Udinese (14.15.18)Online market trading: Juventus v Udini (14:15:20)Bolognese players have been accused of using their club as a front for the alleged “scandal” that was plaguing the Bolognesse team.

It’s been suggested that the Brescia-based club was involved in the purchase of players from Udinese and the Juve-based football club, according to the La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper.

The newspaper claimed that Udinese had allegedly been selling players to Brescias, and that Udini’s sporting director, Luca Mazzoli, had also been involved in buying the players.

According to the newspaper, the Boca Juniors and the Bianconeri were both involved in “informally” trading players in an effort to bring in the players of Bresicos squad for the club’s next season.

The Bianconeries have been involved since 2009, when they purchased the squad of Boca players from the Bisca club.