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Google’s Chrome extension gives people ‘a better sense of what’s on the web’

Google’s Google Chrome extension has been updated to support a feature that gives users a better sense on the internet.

Users can now use the extension to look at their searches and browsing history on the website, and to see if they have been targeted by websites that are promoting fraudulent content.

The extension is called Chrome-a-Tricks, and it allows users to see what their web history looks like, where they are browsing, and what websites they are visiting.

The new extension also allows users the ability to flag suspicious sites as spam, and warns users when they have entered a web address they have not followed through with.

Users who have used the extension can choose whether to install it for free or purchase it for $9.99 (£7.99).

The latter is free, but Chrome- a-Trolls costs $7.95.

Google said that the extension’s developers are working on new features to make it better, and the company is actively adding new features as the extension continues to evolve.

Google added that it was a great feature for people who have a history of using the extension, but it also added that the Chrome extension should not be considered a substitute for real web surfing.

Google Chrome was created to provide users with a single interface for all their information.

But as the internet has evolved, so have its interfaces, and Google has made a concerted effort to bring Chrome to all users.